Bingara explodes with colour

November 18, 2019

Bingara students had a colourful time running on Friday afternoon, with a chance to raise funds for their school. Students from Kindergarten to year twelve enjoyed cooling off on the hot afternoon. Teachers and staff took great delight in hosing children at several stations around the oval as they completed laps through the vibrant colours. The day is a great opportunity for all staff and students to get together and keep moving.

Run by the school, it shows children that they can be together and have fun while being active and outdoors. Several of the students commented on the fact that they had been running all afternoon and weren’t event tired. “My legs aren’t even sore because it’s so much fun,” said one student with many agreeing. “I wish we could do it every week for sport.”

Topped off with icy poles, it was a fun way to celebrate the end of primary school for year 6. While sponsorship for the event did raise money for the school, the day was mainly about having fun.

rs Craddock told The Gwydir News “We wanted to run it as a way to celebrate the end of the learning year and take a load off for the kids after a tough year.” This is the third year the school has held the run and after such a fun afternoon, students are already looking ahead to next year.

Kids enjoying the end of the week with the colour fun run followed by an impromptu slip and slide on the grass.