Cane toad identified close to Gwydir River at Moree

May 10, 2020

Late last week the North West Local Land Service advised that a female cane toad had been positively identified in Moree.  Cane Toads are an alert species for the North West LLS region, which lies within the cane toad biosecurity zone which was established to help slow the further spread and establishment of cane toads in NSW.

North West LLS reported, “This female cane toad had many, many eggs inside, which is a good sign that none were laid in the area.  Females can lay 8,000 to 35,000 eggs at a time.”

The detection of the cane toad was thanks to locals reporting this to authorities.  This region is considered a cane toad free area.  In order to keep it that way the Department of Primary Industries asks that you report your sighting to

With many native frog species looking similar to the cane toad it is recommended not to harm the animal until it can be positively identified.

If in doubt, talk to a Biosecurity Officer by phoning 1300 795 299.

“2005-01-05 at 22-36-00 (1)” by Jurgen Otto is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0