An invitation to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park
03/09/2017 - 30/09/2017

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park warmly invites you to our next exhibition on Sunday September 3 starting at 12 noon. On show will be the works of 4 artists, Caty Baker, Sibrena Steiber, Katie Moscatelli and Guinevere McBride.

“Dotting my i’s” is Caty Baker’s show and illustrates her creativity and skill with fine drawings in pen and ink on paper. Her delightful flora has personalities and her animals are a joyful pleasure, certain to grace any wall.
Sibrena Steiber is now a resident of Inverell and her show, ‘Positively Australian’ demonstrates her vivid imagination and mischievous sense of humour. Sibrena lived many years in remote parts of Australia and her creative and somewhat ‘fantastic’ characters resemble some of our flora and fauna. Her style has been described as ‘May Gibbs meets Alice in Wonderland’ and her bold and colourful acrylics reward a close examination.

Although Katie Moscatelli was born and raised in Inverell she has had a long career in horse racing on the Gold Coast. ‘Coming Home’ combines her love and detailed knowledge of horses and the pleasure of returning to her roots. In her larger works in acrylic on canvas, Katie has exquisitely captured the movement and the power of horses in motion and the challenges for their riders. She explores close up portrait in her charcoal on paper.

Guinevere McBride works in a range of mediums and subject matter. ‘Here and There, This and That’ is a wide and diverse range of works which illustrates her interests and willingness to push beyond the familiar and comfortable. Her love of water is evident in many of her paintings of bays, beaches and people fishing. Her large canvas of barnacles attached to pier pylons is a soft and tranquil contrast to her cityscapes that capture the beauty and the demands of city life.

So come to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on Sunday September 3 and combine a day of culture in the galleries and some exercise on the sculpture walks. Doors open at midday and entry is by gold coin donation.

Lunch and refreshments are provided. For those who remember to bring their own cutlery or utensils to recycle, the excellent Green Prize Raffle is on again. Fill in your name as you enter and you may win one of the beautiful plants to take home.

For more information call 6729 4147, check out the website, or the Ceramic Break Sculpture Park Facebook page.