How to experience a tiny miracle with a fiberoptic unicorn

Have you ever had such an experience? Tiny miracles perhaps often, but with a fiberoptic unicorn – sounds rather strange doesn’t it? But this object plays an important role in the next play to be presented for reading by the N.W.T.C, A Tiny Miracle With a Fiberoptic Unicorn by a current American Playwright, screenwriter and teacher, Don Zolides.

It tells the story of a 13 year old Louis who in the winter of 1986, just before Christmas, vows to kiss the love of his life – the quirky theatre queen, Carolyn.

Standing in his way are the forces of puberty, his long haired, vitriolic older sister, his fussy over-retentive mother, and his eternally amused father. The surprise arrival of both grandmothers, each crazy in their own way, throws the family into turmoil and cracks Louis’ world wide open.

This somewhat nostalgic, sentimental comedy promises to be a fun read. Because of the range of ages for the characters we are hoping some of the talented young people might come along and help us.

We would like to have at least three young people to read the following parts Louis (around 13 years), Carolyn the object of Louis affection (also around 13 years) and the big sister Kelly (16-19 years).

So if you would like to spend an enjoyable couple of hours on a free Sunday afternoon, do come along to the Roxy Conference Room upstairs at 2:00pm on Sunday October 15 and have some fun with your fellow thespians in air conditioned comfort to enjoy reading, what should be an excellent play reading afternoon.