NWTC Film Club Monthly Movie – TWO LIVES

The program for 2017 is an outstanding mix of the old and the new, the odd and the interesting and the funny and serious:

Movies Start at 4pm.

  • 2017 NWTC Film Club movie listSunday 30th April – ‘TWO LIVES’ – espionage drama set in Norway, with English subtitles.
  • Sunday 28th May – ‘HUGO’ – a favourite for the whole family, and nominated for 11 Oscars.
  • Sunday 25th June – ‘BLAZING SADDLES’ – a hilarious comedy classic celebrating the life of Gene Wilder.
  • Sunday 30th July – ‘MATCH POINT’ – a murder-mystery, and considered by Woody Allen as his best film.
  • Sunday 27th August – ‘THE INSIDER’ – a whistle blower drama with Russell Crowe and Al. Pacino.
  • Sunday 24th September – ‘WAH WAH’ – gritty story of the last days of British colonial rule in Swaziland.
  • Sunday 29th October – ‘SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK’ – top cast in this award winning comedy/ drama.
  • Sunday 26th November – ‘SEABISCUIT’ – the ultimate true underdog racehorse story of all time.
  • Sunday 10th December – PRESIDENT’S PICK. – Surprise Film and Club Christmas Party for members.

Download printable version of the 2017 NW Film Club movie list >>

Membership is $60 annually and can either be paid at the Visitor Information Centre, or at the Roxy before each film is screened.  Membership can be taken out at any time throughout the year, and reduces by $6 per month.

The films are becoming very popular with the many visitors that stay in Bingara, and they really enjoy having the film introduced and a glass of wine and a snack afterwards.  But of course

See you at the movies!

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