Large crowd at Myall Creek Memorial service

June 12, 2019

Over 300 people from a wide area gathered at the Myall Creek Memorial site on Sunday morning for the annual Service of Commemoration.

Guest speaker at Myall Creek, Professor Lisa Jackson-Pulver AM

Guest speaker at Myall Creek, Professor Lisa Jackson-Pulver AM, paid special attention to the children who were attending the ceremony.

As matriarch and committee member, Sue Blacklock pointed out in her welcome, “every year we get some different people. I acknowledge it is a big effort to come and say you are sorry, and we thank you for coming,” she said.  She also thanked the dancers, and the students for giving up their long weekend to take part in the day. “You could be doing something nice, but instead you are choosing to come here,” Mrs. Blacklock said.

Plans for the second stage of development of the site, were on display at the Myall Creek hall. Committee member Peter Stewart explained that Stage two, made possible with a grant from the New South Wales government with support from Gwydir Shire Council, will include an outdoor amphitheatre and performance space, artworks, amenities block, shade shelter, Aboriginal native garden, car and bus parking.

“It’s going to be a very exciting development, which will provide an excellent facility for the local area.”