“101 Things to See and Do in Bingara & District” – a Spring campaign.

June 14, 2020

The Bingara & District VISION 2020 committee have proposed a campaign to get the town and district busy again after the COVID19 lockdowns and have proposed Spring 2020 to be the target.

All the community of Bingara and its district, from small children through to seniors are invited to be the stakeholders and accept a challenge to come up with “101 Things to See and Do in Bingara and District”. Farmers, businesses, educators, health workers, retirees, students and especially those who are out of work and looking for work are invited to join in.

The first stage of the plan of Bingara 101 is to identify “101 Things to See and Do in Bingara & District”. We need to make a list of all the things that tourists and visitors to our community can ‘see and do’ and enjoy with us.

Things to See and Do might include places like the Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, the Cunningham Park Precinct, Upper Horton village, Sawn Rocks or Three Creeks Gold Mine. It could be a unique business or an aspect of a Bingara business that we recognise and treasure; the food at our great clubs and pubs, ‘fabulous gifts and fashions’ or the unique Sapphire Salt Cave. It might be an event that we all look forward to like; ‘The Christmas Festival’, ‘Orange Picking’, ‘Bingara Races’, ‘Octoberfish’, ‘The Bingara Show’ or a ‘North West Theatre Company production’ at the Roxy.

The Bingara V2020 committee invites one and all to propose your suggestions for ‘101 Things to See and Do in Bingara & District’. The committee will then put the pieces together, like a giant jigsaw, and produce a brochure and webpage feature highlighting the list.

Pick up an Ideas Entry Form at Bingara IGA, Meat on Maitland, Bingara Newsagency or the Bingara Visitor Information Centre. Make Bingara 101 a discussion point with your family and friends. Hashtag your emails and Facebook messages with #beautifulbingara and #cometobingara.

Return the form with as many ideas and suggestions you can and see what we all can come up with for our spring ‘Bingara is Back in Busy-ness!” campaign.

Submitted by Bingara and District Vision 2020 Acting Vice Chairman Rick Hutton
Ph: 0428 255380.