2017 hopes to bring ‘Bingara Buster’ to life

September 5, 2016

The success of the Bingara Orange Festival Fun Run has led the Body and Soul Festival to propose to the “Bingara Buster”.

The proposal is to conduct a national elite running event that involves a race to the top of Batterham’s Lookout in Bingara. The race would begin at Cunningham Park and finish at the top of the Lookout. It is the intention that this will become a nationally recognised event similar to the numerous ‘King of the Mountain’ style events which are very popular around the nation.

It is our desire that we would continue to also hold a ‘Fun Run’ in conjunction with the ‘Bingara Buster’.

Our aim is to establish the ‘Bingara Buster’ as the main draw card to a larger event yet to be named. Some of the possible titles are: The Gwydir Mind and Body Festival. The Gwydir Fitness Festival. The Gwydir Body and Soul Festival.

We believe it will be easier to secure sponsorship if the Buster and Fun Run are attached to a larger event which combines entertainment, catering, community services and healthy life style options.

We are intent that this event will not take place without strong support independent of the Gwydir Shire Council.

The Gwydir Fitness Centre fundraising committee presented suggested Buster/Festival proposal to the Committee of Council Thursday July 14. Council was very positive in its response and offered a start-up one off grant on the proviso that sufficient sponsorship is secured to guarantee that the event will run again in 2018 and beyond.

To gauge the level of support for this event, a public meeting was held at the Bingara Sporting Club on Tuesday July 26. Although numbers attending were not high the level of support and enthusiasm was most encouraging.

The decision to progress the proposal now lies in the community’s ability to form a working committee.

One committee will be assigned the tasks of associated with organising the Bingara Buster and Fun Run.

The second committee will be established to plan and stage the Festival.

Commitment to either committee will require a significant dedication of personal time. The existing fund raising committee is too small to take on the entire responsibility for such a major undertaking. The expression of new ideas and sharing of the work load is required for success.

The first responsibility of the combined task will be to secure a date. Sunday March 26 is tentatively in the National Runners Calendar for 2017 (TBA).

The second combined task will be to secure major sponsors. The initial budget for the event is $24,000.00. This amount includes prize money of $5000, advertising, medical services, road closures, transportation, memorabilia and administration.

The advertising campaign would include the production of a drone video clip, advertising on National Runners Calendar, direct advertising with national athletic clubs and local and regional advertising.

Proposed Event Program:

* Fun Run Events – suggestions include Dress Theme relay, River Walk with line orienteering challenge, 5 kilometre run

* ‘Bingara Buster’ – Limited entries (safety precaution) with attractive prize money for male and female place getters such as first $1500, second $750, third $250 ($5000 total).

Festival Activities/Facilities and revenue opportunities:

* Food stalls

* Health and wellbeing stalls – by invitation

* Masseuse, yoga, Pilates

* Swimming Centre pool and change room facilities

* Shuttle bus service to return athletes to the start

* Entertainment – music, games and rides, including pony rides, face painting, jumping castle, etc.

* Advisory services – mental health, finance, diet, exercise and nutrition, health checks, etc.

Our capacity to stage such an exciting event rests on the community’s capacity to commit to the many administration tasks necessary to guarantee success.