207 Angus Bulls to Sell this Friday!

August 11, 2014

207 of "Booroomooka’s Best Bulls" are to sell on Friday 15th August, 12 noon at the Annual On Property Bull sale at Keera, Bingara, NSW.

Co-Principal, Sinclair Munro states "The Booroomooka Bull Sale is a tremendous opportunity  to buy Booroomooka’s best bulls at value prices."

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Booroomooka cattle are renowned for resilience, high fertility, outstanding doing ability, good growth with superior carcass quality genetics. The Stud is owned by The Munro family and was established in 1926. Co-Principal Hugh Munro states “We have a long term commitment to the Industry"

Reading through the catalogue there is  a wide range of bulls to select from to improve valuable traits. Sinclair Munro says "Genetic Improvement is vital to improve on farm profitability, productivity and to meet the market specifications of our important customers".

*  Visit Booroomooka Website.

To improve profitability, quick early fast growth is vital to reduce age of turnoff. 191 of the sale bulls are above average for 400 day growth. (compared to all registered angus cattle born in 2012.)

The Bulls have superior marbling genetics, 190 of the sale bulls are above average for marbling. Sinclair Munro says " Increased marbling in our customer’s herds enables them to receive price premiums and market flexibility".

On farm productivity can be improved through genetic selection for traits such as fertility, calving ease, structural soundness and temperament. Fertility is a major profit driver, with genetic selection for fertility traits such as scrotal size and days to calving ebvs.

All the sale bulls have undergone a Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness evaluation by Dr Ben Gardiner and vaccinated for vibriosis. Significant amounts of birth weight data is collected by weighing calves at birth, this increases the reliability of the calving ease ebvs in the Booroomooka catalogue.  Click Here to View Booroomooka Catalogue.