Bingara Historical Museum Complex Fundraiser

September 16, 2016

The Bingara museum will be holding a street stall on 22nd September. They will be operating a 100 club, along with another raffle.  The funds raised will be put towards the cost of two new rooms to be built within the museum grounds. One of these rooms will be used to display their military photographic collection, war medals and memorabilia. The other will be used as an administration room, which will be more fire proof than the one they currently use.

Post_office_hotel_museumAt the Street Stall there will be a Bingara Burial Book where it will be possible for residents to look for the placement of graves of family members or friends. The museum is currently in the process of updating the Bingara Burial Book, which will range from 1856 up to the end of 2016. Also there will be an order book for residents who wish to purchase wall plaques to have their family members remembered.

There are a large number of Bingara residents and families who have never been acknowledged even though they have spent most of their lives living or working in or around the Bingara area.

gil_goldfinger_craigSo if you would like to include your family name on the Bingara resident’s wall, please contact the museum and they can organize to have a plaque made with the details you want, all for the cost of $50 per plaque. These plaques will be displayed undercover on the Gem & Mineral Museum room.

Not only will you be ensuring that your family is remembered as being part of Bingara’s history, but your money will assist the museum to continue the preservation of our local information.

Any donations of sale-able goods will be greatly appreciated.

Judi Peterson (Secretary)
Bingara and District Historical Society