Casting the net for jury duty

November 11, 2016

It isn’t often that audience members get the chance to decide what happens in a live performance, but when the jury is chosen in You the Jury which opens at the Roxy Theatre on Saturday night, the end of the play is anyone’s guess.

There is no scripted resolution to this one-act play, directed by Christine Fry.

The jury and the audience will be presented with the facts and evidence of the case by the Crown Prosecutor and the defence counsel.

You the Jury

[Photo left to right: Thespians, Linda McDouall, Saul Standerwick and Lee Louden.]

The play is set in a court room where William Hughes, played by Saul Standerwick, is charged with larceny by television hostess, Clarissa Townley (Wendy Wearne).

Prosecution Attorney Mrs Slater (Lee Louden) and Defence Barrister Ms. Drexel (Linda McDouall), grill eight witnesses, as Judge Vance (Max Eastcott) wields his gavel frequently.

Also in the cast are Tanya Heaton, Rebekah Turner, Sally Olive, Judy Adams, John Wearne, Frances Bilsborough, Henry Martin, Robyn Phillips and Gail List.

Narrator and Court Clerk Rick Hutton has a particularly important part to play.

Martin Hansford is returning to Bingara to put the finishing touches on the production with his sound and lighting skills.

‘You, the Jury’ opens on Saturday evening at 7.30pm, and has a matinee performance on Sunday at 2.30pm. It continues the next weekend Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, at the same times as this week.

Included in the ticket price of $25 is afternoon tea after the two matinees, and supper following the two evening performances.

These are catered for by four local organisations, the Lions Club, the local committee for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, CWA, and Friends of Touriandi.

$25.00 per person – ticket price includes supper in the Roxy Cafe following evening performances or afternoon tea in the Roxy Cafe following matinee performances.

The Roxy Theatre – ALLOCATED Seats ONLY

(North West Theatre Company) You the Jury – Producer: John Wearne 0418 419 684.