Young cast keen to perform at the Roxy

November 15, 2017

A creepy clown, scary mother in- laws and the misadventures of May-December romances will be explored in the Inverell Theatre Company’s latest production which will tour to Bingara this month.

From a comedy led by Peter Caddey and Jade Bradley, in which a crafty mother schemes to scare off her daughter’s much older fiancée, to a psychological drama following a girl’s descent into apparent madness (played by newcomer Maggie Thomas) and her strange relationship with a toy clown – the two plays stretch the young cast.

Director and producer of Careful Rapture, Narelle Kennedy, who has been involved in theatre at Inverell since 1973, was thrilled to see the company’s recent revival continue, with several new actors joining in. “It’s good to get some new people in and some younger people interested,” she said.

Director of Conversation with a Clown, is Jade Bradley, who is also a high school drama teacher. Jade came from Glen Innes in 2014, and has become an invaluable member of the ITC. For about 10 years, the Inverell Theatre Company was desperately short of actors, but members are buoyed with a recent injection of acting talent.

A couple of years ago, a few students who had studied drama at school were having a gap year, and were keen to put their drama training to use, and so began the revival of the Inverell Theatre Company. She was proud to see how the company had evolved since then, and said each production brought with it a different mix of people, who all had something worthwhile to bring to the stage.

Careful Rapture and Conversations with a Clown will run at the Roxy Theatre in Bingara on Saturday November 18. Tickets are $25 adults, $20 concession, available at the Bingara Tourist Information Centre, phone 6724 0066 and the Roxy Theatre website.