‘A Beer Hall in Bingara’ celebrates ten years and looks toward 2030.

August 23, 2015

The evening of Thursday September 24 2015, will be a night to remember at the Roxy Theatre. Bingara and District Vision 2020 will be hosting a very special evening. ‘A Beer Hall in Bingara’ will be a celebration of the brewer’s craft, and the launch of the ‘Vision 2030’ process for the Bingara community.

Ales & Tales Bingara

Ten years ago, the Malt Shovel Brewery arm of Lion, had their master brewer, Chuck Hahn, leading the way in their industry, with the establishment of the James Squire range of craft beers. Vision 2020 hosted an evening of ‘Ales and Tales’ featuring Chuck Hahn as their guest presenter.

Two hundred and thirty people attended that first dinner, which saw beers matched with their ‘perfect accompanying foods’, right down to the porter with chocolate mud cake dessert. Vision 2020 took that opportunity to launch their community “Vision” process, to identify options for a progressive Bingara community towards the year 2020.

Chuck Hahn presenting in Bingara
Chuck Hahn delivering his address to the Bingara crowd at the Roxy.

In the following year, Chuck Hahn was back in Bingara with another special tasting evening, this time featuring seafood, and supporting the Bingara Murray Cod Hatchery. ‘Ales and Fish Tales’ used the same format as before, with Chuck explaining how the beers were crafted, and leading the audience in a wonderful tasting experience.

Now, the new team at James Squire headed by Tim Knight, are coming back to Bingara. This time the catch phrase will be ‘A Beer Hall in Bingara’, with the Roxy set up as a Bavarian style ale house. Once again, a special selection of ales, have been matched up with an exciting menu of culinary delights from local chefs.

Lion have especially requested that they return to Bingara, and bring some of their team, to enjoy country hospitality, and join the ten year anniversary celebrations. Forty members of Lion will join the growers and maltsters of the barley used in the brewing of their unique ales. The growers are all from the north-west NSW area, some from the famous ‘Golden Triangle’, in the north of Gwydir Shire.

‘A Beer Hall in Bingara’ welcomes everyone and anyone who would like to reflect on those original ‘Ales and Tales’ experiences and to consider the future. The all inclusive cost for the evening is $45 per person. This includes the four courses, with an appetizer and dessert, and a taste of six selected beers, including one Uniquely Brewed for the event. It promises to be a most relaxing, informative and entertaining evening.

  • TICKETS: General Admission (not allocated seats)
    – (18 years and over)  $45.00 per person
Book Now! Contact: Vision 20/20
Rick Hutton: 0428 255 380 
E:  faysons@northnet.com.au or
Erik Ozols: 02 6724 1629
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Submitted by Rick Hutton on behalf of Bingara and District Vision 2020
Ph: 0428 255380