‘A Beer Hall in Bingara:’ How to taste a vision for the future!

September 17, 2015

A major strength, for any town community, is its ability to demonstrate resilience and diversity. Many towns grow and prosper on a single industry or natural attribute.

Those that do so, run the risk of decline when their industry or attribute, which may have served them so well for many years, suddenly fails, or falls into decline.

Bingara, can proudly say that its resilience flows from its diversity, the enhancement of its natural and cultural attributes, and a willingness to succeed.

While being basically a service centre for a surrounding agricultural area, Bingara has also attracted a solid visitor base, having pitched its attributes of natural beauty and cultural icons to an increasing tourist trade. Bingara has also relished in its central location within a surrounding region of many larger towns, to excel as a conferencing centre.

Some of this success has flowed from a process, undertaken ten years ago, to create a ‘vision’ looking forward towards the year 2020. A collaborative effort between local government, local businesses, community organizations and the rural and urban populace, identified Bingara’s major strengths, and set about highlighting and enhancing them. In 2006 that taste of ‘vision’ was given the name “REGENERATION”.

It is now time to revisit this process and to do so with a special celebration. Ten years have gone by, and we are just five years away from 2020. It is time to reflect on the past, to look a bit further into our future, and consider a new ‘vision’ for our community, for the year 2030.

On Thursday, September 24, 2015, the Lion Co team, brewers of the famous James Squire range of craft beers, will be back in Bingara.

This event is being staged as “A Beer Hall in Bingara”, and once again the art and craft of blending and brewing, will be matched with some wonderful local foods.

The vision process of the last ten years will be reviewed and John Bishton, the current Vision 2020 President, will outline the pathways to be taken, to consider Vision 2030.

All and everyone, interested in community celebration and progress, are invited to attend.

  • TICKETS: General Admission (not allocated seats)
    – (18 years and over)  $45.00 per person
  • Available through Bingara Visitor Information Centre 02 6724 0066
Book Now! Contact: Vision 20/20
Rick Hutton: 0428 255 380 
E:  faysons@northnet.com.au or
Erik Ozols: 02 6724 1629
E:  enozols@bigpond.net.au


Submitted by Rick Hutton on behalf of Bingara and District Vision 2020 Ph: 0428 255380 11/09/2015.