August 11, 2020

A series of important maintenance projects can now get underway at Bingara Showground, thanks to a grant of $25,340 from the State Government.

Bingara is the home of horse sport events in the Gwydir region and the showground’s facilities needed to be maintained so they were safe and functional for all user groups.

This grant, funded through the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Showground Stimulus package, will see the Bingara Showground Trust deliver five projects which will benefit all of the venues user groups.

Recently, the Showground took possession of the cool room from the old Civic Centre, which was removed as part of the Bingara Library development.

The cool room, which now resides in the polocross canteen, will have a roof built over it to protect it from the weather and ensure it operates efficiently, while another cool room underneath the grandstand will have its motor replaced.

Bingara Showground upgrades

The hard-working ladies of the Bingara Show Society will be happy to hear LED spot lights will be installed at the pavilion, directing focus on the range of arts and crafts submitted for judging each year.

The LED lights will be cheaper to run reducing the Showground’s power bill.