A Dream with No Name and Bodylines

April 25, 2016

At Ceramic Break Sculpture Park near Warialda, the weather is fine, the atmosphere is pure and the artists have been busy. For the first exhibition of 2016 Kerry Cannon is privileged to present the incredible works of two artists, Margie Makim and Marilynne Barnes. The exhibition opened on Sunday April 24 and will continue through May.

Margie Makim is no stranger to showing at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. Over the years her work has evolved showing a more refined use of colour and composition.

Being Ceramic Break’s first Artist in Residence has given her time to contemplate and experiment and the results are quite different from her past creations. In ‘A Dream with No Name’ Margie has created a large body of extraordinary work.

“This is a show using performance, installation and painting to weave a story of journey and homemaking for all living creatures.”

Inspired by the life of pioneer Winifred Steger in Australia, Margie’s show explores the homing instinct and the journeys made to reach that haven and will include live music, performance and an auction.

Manilla artist Marilynne Barnes’ exhibition ‘Bodylines’ illustrates her unique grasp of human anatomy.

It is a collection of figurative drawings, paintings and sculptures using a variety of mediums, which include charcoals and oils.

She explores different ways of presenting the body ranging from realism to abstraction, searching for the visual rhythms found within the human form.

For Marilynne ‘the joy of creating is the exploration of creating’ and she aims to allow the viewer to put his or her own interpretation to each work.

For more information contact 02 6729 4147 or website www.cbreaksculpturepark.com.au

A Dream with No Name and Bodylines

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