“A ghost of a chance of a play, to be had at The Roxy in May!”

March 21, 2016

A wonderful cast has been assembled for the North West Theatre Company’s second production of 2016, Noel Coward’s hit comedy, “Blithe Spirit”. They, along with the NWTC’s fantastic support crew will make for a great production.

The Director, Rick Hutton said, “I am delighted by this very strong cast and I am confident of another very professional NWTC play.”

The cast members, in order of appearance are: Rebekah Turner as Edith the Maid, Tanya Heaton as Ruth Condomine, Ben Daley as Charles Condomine, Johnette Walker as Mrs Bradman, Peter Caddey as Dr Bradman, Nedine Young as Madame Arcati, Grace Smyth as Elvira Condomine, Robyn Phillips as Cook the Cook, Frances Bilsborough as Mrs Vickers and Henry Martin as Vicar Vickers.

“It’s a great mix of experience and new talent,” said Rick Hutton. “Peter Caddey and Grace Smyth are first timers with the NWTC. All of the others have featured in at least one of our previous productions.”

‘Blithe Spirit’ was written by Coward in 1941 during Britain’s “darkest hours” of World War 2.  He referred to it as “an improbable farce” and intended it to “raise the spirits during these times of conflict, without presenting any truly likeable characters”.

The story opens in 1965 in the glamorous home of Mr Charles Condomine, a successful writer, and his second wife Ruth. Charles is planning a new book about a clairvoyant engaged in murder. He invites a local medium, Madame Arcati to dinner, and to conduct a séance, so that he can discover some of her ‘tricks of the trade’.

The Condomine’s friends, Dr and Mrs Bradman, are also invited, to make up the party.

Nothing much seems to happen, until Elvira, Charles’s first wife, appears as a ghost. From then on its one crazy, spooky moment after another as the two wives battle for supremacy, and Madame Arcati, Edith the Maid, Cook the Cook, and Vicar Vickers and Mrs Vickers, all struggle to deal with the supernatural, and Charles suffers ‘terribly”  by being the only one who seems to be able to see everything and everybody.

How will it all work out?

Well, to discover that, you’ll have to go to the show on the evenings of May 7 and 13, or the matinees on May 8, 14 and 15.

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