A picture paints a thousand words & so do photos!

March 8, 2018

There are 107 pages on the Bingara website, jammed packed full of information and photos, but by far one of the favourites is the one entitled Historical Gallery.

The photographs have been sourced from a CD entitled “A photo album of EARLY BINGARA”, compiled by Richard Smith for the Bingara District Historical Society.  Many of the photographs from the CD have been used throughout the site, they really are wonderful.

Words can say so much, but photographs tell the whole story.

S from Finch St. Imperial Hotel & Commercial Hotels

S from Finch St. Imperial Hotel & Commercial Hotels with balcony

The Bingara District Historical Society do such a fantastic job recording and maintaining Bingara’s heritage, no trip to Bingara would be complete without visiting the Bingara Historical Museum Complex.

Bingara residents, if you haven’t already visited, you don’t know what you are missing. We travel and we seek out sites just like this, but often when it’s in your own back yard it goes unnoticed.

Have a look at these pages:

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