A touch of Monet at Bundarra

November 8, 2010

Apart from a backdrop of euclyptus trees, a group of Bingara women could have been forgiven for thinking they had been transported to the garden of the great painter, Claude Monet, at Giverny in France. (See the spectacular photograph in last week’s Advocate.)

Haac Ladies at Granite Grove
The Bingara HACC morning tea group amongst the irises at Granite Grove. 

The women were in fact at ‘Granite Grove’ iris farm, between Barraba and Bundarra, and were taking part in a Bingara HACC day trip last Thursday.

At ‘Granite Grove’, the visitors saw hundreds of varieties of bearded iris in full bloom, as well as roses and clematis.

The iris farm is open for only a few weeks per year, when the iris are in full bloom, and orders can be taken for delivery after flowering.

The Bingara HACC morning tea group meets three times a month at the Lingalonga room. When funding permits, or there is sufficient interest, HACC officers, Lenore Kennedy and Wendy Gill, supported by their volunteers, take the group for a day trip.  Both men and women are welcome to take part in the activities.

“Our last trip was to the ‘Hanging of the Quilts’, at Coolatai, which included a decorated bra competition,” Lenore said.  “Some of our clients took part in the competition, with the most amazing works of art.We average three outings per year,” she said.

As well as meetings, the HACC clients can attend a monthly lunch.

“If anyone wants to know about the programs offered by HACC, just call in to our office,” Lenore said.