Our Wonderful Weather & Comfy Climate

Bingara’s inland location at 30o South Latitude and an altitude of 300 m above sea level ensures a climate of beautiful autumn and spring days through April & May, and September & October.

June to August has cold frosty nights and sunny days, while November through to January boasts a dry heat with little humidity.

“Take away our twenty or so hot summer days in the high 30’s, and twenty or so cold ‘n’ bleak winter days around 5, and you are left with 320 beautiful days every year. We challenge anywhere else to match that!”


Summer: November – March.
Dry Heat with little humidity.
Average daily temperature: 32°

Autumn: April – May.
Mild sunny days, cool nights.
Average daily temperature: 25°

Winter: June – August.
Cold frosty nights, sunny days.
Average daily temperature: 17°, but may drop to -5°

Spring: September – October.
Similar to autumn.

Average Annual Rainfall: 700 mm (28 inches).
Mostly a summer rainfall pattern.

These figures give an indication of weather averages. You may experience variations within one day, so always come prepared.





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