June 27, 2011

The 8’s had 2 teams to play at the Gala Day in Inverell on Saturday.  First up were the Guyra Spuds. The boys were determined and were not afraid to get involved this week. 

Toby White had an outstanding game making hard consecutive tackles which he has shown us in training. Jack Armstrong made hard solid runs up the middle of the defence and scored a fantastic try through the middle.  Xavier Smith and Sam Mahoney got involved well and made some incisive runs. The Johnson Brothers, Will and Isaak, ran fearlessly at the defence both being take out just short of the try line. Andrew McGarrity made some good yards and Tyler Greacen and Seth Keam were again great in defence and made some enthusiastic runs.

Try Scorers were Jake White (3) Thomas Young (1) Jack Armstrong (1) Seth Keam (1) Final Score Guyra 32 Bingara 24.

The second game was the first two quarters against the Glen Innes Magpies and the Bingara Boys stood no chance against the in- form monstrous pack.  Jake White tried to get through the heavy defence on many occasions but they breed them big in Glen Innes and there was no way through. 

Steven Todd was not afraid and put his small body on the line time and time again and Thomas Young managed to score Bingara’s only try out of dummy half slicing through the defence like a hot knife through butter.

The boys have a couple of weeks off from training and competition.  Training resumes on Wednesday 20 July at 4pm.  The boys play in Inverell on 23 July but don’t miss them at home on Saturday 30 July when they play Moree and Inverell East at the Gwydir Oval.