Anglers chase ‘rabbits of the river’

November 6, 2009

Sometimes called the ‘rabbits of the river’ the introduced carp is now Australia’s most abundant yet most despised large freshwater fish.

Through funding made available from the Border Rivers Gwydir Catchment Management Authority, The Upper Gwydir Landcare Association with the able assistance of the Bingara Anglers Club hosted the Bingara Carp Muster.

Over the weekend of October 31 and November 1, 82 fisherman registered. During the two days 109 carp were caught which weighed in at 231kg.  Laid end to end that is 62 metres of carp.

The winners were:

Junior Girls:
Heaviest 4.005kg  Jess Southwell;
Longest: Jess Southwell;
Smallest in length – Kristy South;
Most – Jess Southwell.

Junior Boys:
 Heaviest 3.77kg  Locky Mack;
Longest – Matty Callaway;
Most – Matty Callaway.

Heaviest 5.685kg – Mark Cutty;
Longest – Andy Callaway;
Smallest – Ken Atkins;
Most – Stuart Lanagan.

The secret length was won by Matty Callaway and the secret weight won by Rodney Seage. Jack Walton Junior and Daniel Price both identified the mystery item as being a ‘priest’.  Well done boys!

The  Bingara Anglers Club has kindly donated the entry fees of $160 to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter appeal.  All involved agreed this was very enjoyable and hope to make it an annual event in the fishing calendar.