Anglers News – Stuart Lanagan

January 20, 2012

The Anglers monthly competition and camp out will be held on the weekend, January 28 and 29, at the pump house site.

After the weigh in on Sunday we there will be the monthly meeting and then the annual general meeting. All currant office bearers are asked to attend. There will be some important issues on the agenda to be discussed namely the construction of our new shed and the changes to the hatchery ponds etc. to accommodate the new breeding program. All members are urged to attend.

Having said that, Happy New Year to every one. Some good fish have been caught over the holiday break. Chris wells and Paul Perkins camped at the Seven Mile for three to four weeks and reported good catches as did Stan, boys and many others. I saw a photo of a nice cod at Copeton that weighed 76 lb and measured 1100 centimetres, apparently caught on a "jackel." Now that’s a good fish!

The Horton river at the moment is the best I’ve seen it for ages. Just last night we went out (Horton) and caught three catfish, two cod and one of those other things. We used chicken chips and worms but just on dark, shrimps were the go. So get out and throw a line in folks, their on the bite, Good luck and good fishin’!