Annabelle’s artwork reminds us to sort recycling

November 15, 2020

Six year-old Annabelle Todd will be teaching us all a thing or two about recycling as her artwork drives around the Shire on the side of one of the Cleanaway Garbage Trucks.  Annabelle, from Gravesend Public School, was the Gwydir Shire’s winner of the Truck Art Competition, which is a joint initiative of Cleanaway and the Gwydir Shire Council and has an important education element to it, encouraging kids to think about ‘be green, keep your recycling clean’.

Annabelle Todd in front of her artwork on the side of the Cleanaway truck.

This week, Annabelle’s prize was unveiled, her artwork will grace the sides of the Cleanaway Truck for the next two years. She also won a $150 Why Leave Town gift voucher. In second place of the competition was Poppy Barwick and then Ryan Brennan and Sarah Barwick (all of Gravesend Public School) were the runners-up.

Planning and Environment Manager Saul Standerwick said the theme for the competition ‘be green keep your recycling clean’ was captured by Annabelle’s artwork. “She really captured it with the depiction of bottles being rinsed and the dirty containers being left out,” he said.  “The other side of the truck has the important message of ‘if in doubt, leave it out and find out’.”

“If you don’t know what bin to put it in you can call the waste hotline on 1300 736 719 or call the council on 6724 2000 and speak to Kelli-Anne or download the free Gwydir Waste App from the Google Play or App Store. The app has all the council’s waste information.”

“It can tell you what goes into each different bin, information about the landfills, and most importantly it can tell you which bin night it is and give you a reminder. No more going out and having a look at which bins your neighbour has put out, they will be looking to you now,” Mr Standerwick said.

Principal of the Gravesend Public School Jackie Todd was very proud of her students and the effort and thought that they put into the competition. “It’s an amazing thing to be a part of. It’s great getting kids involved in the process and keeping the idea of recycling and waste in the forefront of their minds. And it allows the kids to be creative as well,” she said.