Annalisa Kerrigan returning to Bingara

May 10, 2011

International soprano Annalisa Kerrigan is returning from her home base in the Italian alps to perform in a series of concerts throughout Australia, including Quirindi, Gunnedah and Bingara on 13th, 14th and 15th May.

In support of her dedicated charity, AFAP (Australian Federation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific),she will be performing her last concerts in the area for the foreseeable future.

“I have designed these concerts to be about joy, about friendship, love, new beginnings and giving thanks for what we have.  The magic I feel when singing these songs only happens because the audience feels them as much as I do – they aren’t about me, they are about Us. And it’s great fun – as well as slightly serious.

The concerts themselves are always full of laughter, and reflection, of favourite songs (this year Annalisa will be singing some John Denver songs as well as opera, Irish and Scottish songs, Frankie Laine’s ‘I Believe’, and the lovely big little piece, ‘What a Wonderful World’, and little stories and anecdotes as to why this song is what it is – and on the way the audience and I have a wonderfully relaxed time, allowing these feelings and wonderful songs to enter into our hearts and minds.”

After living in the Italian mountains for the past six months, the “bare footed soprano” is only in Australia for a short time before returning to her career there.

Proceeds from the concerts will support programs for women and their families suffering extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa & Asia.  e.g. we fund pilot projects such as bakeries, wells, community gardens, sewing schools etc. which in turn attract AusAID funding.  See

See Annalisa perform at: The Roxy Theatre Bingara 7.30pm Saturday 14th May (Tickets Bingara Info. Centre).