Annual Myall Creek Gathering

June 4, 2018

Below is a letter which appeared in the Editorial Section of the Gwydir News extending an open invitation to the annual Myall Creek ceremony and commemoration.

Myall Creek This year

I am again on my pilgrimage from Sydney to Myall Creek for the Sunday June 10 ceremony and commemoration.

The Myall Creek MemorialMyall Creek is a place of remembering the fallen, not only of June 10, 1838, but also those in the World Wars whose names are on the walls of the Memorial Hall.

It seems appropriate that the Memorial Hall is the place where we begin our walk to the 1838 Memorial on the hill, and the place we return to for lunch, catered by the Myall Creek CWA.

180 years on, this year has special significance. For me there is grief in remembering, but in walking through the past Myall Creek has emerged into a much bigger place, shown in the hundreds of people who come of diverse races, ages, political beliefs, locals and those from far away.

Myall Creek today I find is a place that is hopeful and inspiring. Why not join us? Sunday, Myall Creek Memorial Hall at 9.30am. This year I am particularly also looking forward to local bands and dancers at a concert in the Roxy Theatre in Bingara, held on Saturday, June 9 at 1.45 – 4pm. (See

Graeme Cordiner
(Friends of Myall Creek, Sydney)