Another “Opening Night at the Roxy” Saturday November 9

November 4, 2013

The North West Theatre Company’s production of the classic play PYGMALION will open this Saturday night at the Roxy theatre. George Bernard Shaw’s comedy considers love, social classes, language and manners in a way that is as vibrant today as it was when it first played a century ago.

Pygmalion posterThe story of PYGMALION comes from the Greek classic tale of the sculptor, Pygmalion, who uses his skills to create a beautiful statue, Galatea. So beautiful is the statue that he falls in love with it only to find that Galatea does not feel the same way about him.

In Shaw’s play it is the language teacher, Professor Henry Higgins (Henry Martin), who comes across the grubby flower girl, Eliza Doolittle (Rachel Fernance), and bets his friend Colonel Pickering (Mark Everett), that he can “turn her into a duchess”.


His long suffering housekeeper Mrs Pearce (Ros Moulton) and his mother Mrs Higgins (Lee Loudon) help to mould Eliza into a cultured and independent woman. Eliza is tested at Mrs Higgins’ “at home” day by the stuffy gentry members of the Eynsford-Hill family, Mrs Eynsford-Hill (Linda McDouall), Miss Clara Eynsford-Hill (Nedine Young) and Freddy Eynsford-Hill (Henry Young).

She must also endure the opportunistic interference of her dustman father Alfred Doolittle (Rick Hutton). Crystal Cooper, John and Wendy Wearne, Nic Hutton and Jessica Russell-Davies make up the cast on stage.

Great costumes, staging, lights and sounds, make-up and a wonderful team of front-of-house and back-stage supporters have all worked together to make PYGMALION a show not to be missed.


Performances will be at 8:00pm on the evenings of Saturday November 9 and 16, and as matinees at 2:00pm on Sunday November 10 and 17. Tickets are available through the Bingara Visitor Information Office on 6724 0066 or online.

Rick Hutton on 0428 255380 or the Producer of PYGMALION, the NWTC President, John Wearne, on 0418 419684.

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