Artists of the black soil

November 28, 2009

As the weather warms up and the year winds down, Ceramic Break Sculpture Park hosts its final show for the year. On Sunday 29th November the opening of ‘Artists from the Black Soil Plains and Warialda HSC Artworks 2009’ takes place. It is a show which highlights the incredible talents of people from different backgrounds, different interests and ages.

Exhibiting under the collective name,’ Artists from the Black Soil’ is a loosely allied group of individual artists who met while doing Art courses at the local Moree TAFE. They have shown together before, including one at Ceramic Break in March of last year. Their work is both engaging and versatile and covers a wide range of mediums and interests from sculpture to work with pastels, acrylics and mixed media and traditional Aboriginal paintings.

Suggesting the idea to an enthusiastic Kerry Cannon, Dorothy Sherratt instigated this show, calling on a number of artists who enjoy exhibiting together to be part of a group exhibition. Dorothy is both an artist and a teacher who started in printmaking but has since moved into fibre art with some of her hangings in the Armidale Anglican Cathedral. Four of her pieces in the show contrast the range of environments in the Australian landscape, from rain forest to desert, showing the harshness of the climate but she also captures the haunting beauty of our landscape.

Another of the artists showing is Lynne Hunter and one example of her work is the delightful and large bold and beautiful parrot at the centre of the show’s invitation. Lynne has recently turned to working with pastels at which she is excelling.

The oldest member of the group is Klarrie Noordze who at 88 has shown in several local exhibitions and is still painting. Her paintings show her enjoyment of tranquil settings and a controlled use of soft colours helps to create a sense of peace.

Nancy Hunter is an art teacher at Moree and Narrabri TAFE with a degree in Fine Arts. Nancy won a scholarship which enabled to study in Europe. She has exhibited both art and sculpture in a number of galleries. Peter Lowry is an artist and sculptor who has had several exhibitions and Chris Crawford although new to painting is creating some interesting work.

A number of Aboriginal artists from the Kamilaroi tribe who are part of a diploma course at the Moree TAFE are also part of the opening.  These artists work traditionally and have all embraced the chance to show at Ceramic Break.

‘The Fabulous Five’ as their art teacher Sharon Gilmour calls them, will also be at the show. These young HSC Art students from Warialda High School have had a busy year, refining their ideas, their skills and their techniques.  They will show their finished pieces to an audience, who will be looking not to assess and rank, just to enjoy the art and be proud and amazed by what these young people have achieved and the marvellous works they have created.

Zachary Greensill has experimented with many mediums in his excellent creation of five quite large art works. He used charcoal, ink, watercolour and pastels to develop the illustrations of a story he wrote for English.

Megan Smith’s delightful pieces are small but intense and her naive stylized and childlike images of girls are drawn both within and over the surrounding mount-boards with watercolour pencils.

Using a range of mediums from acrylic paint to oil sticks Amy Marle’s two large paintings focus on self reflection, it is herself looking and reflecting on self, a difficult act to engage in at any age.  This is bravely and beautifully executed by a young woman who intends to further her study of art at university.

These highly talented young artists are a credit to themselves, their teacher and their families and you will find a lot to admire and discuss in their perceptions and comments about the world they live in.

The show opens at 12 noon and runs until 5 pm, lunch and refreshments are provided. You are warmly invited to come along, bring friends and family to enjoy the food, the wine, the entertainment and the company but especially, to enjoy the terrific Art.