Arts North West to host New England North West Council Cultural Forum

November 15, 2010

Arts North West will host the inaugural New England North West Council Cultural Forum on Saturday 27 November at the Roxy Theatre in Bingara.

“The Council Cultural Forum is an opportunity for New England North West Councils to meet to consider their many cultural planning and reporting obligations and how Arts North West can assist them in this process,” said Jane Kreis, Regional Arts Development Officer at Arts North West.

The regional New England North West Council Cultural Forum is designed to meet the integrated planning and reporting needs of local councils by providing information on the creative processes, content and policies involved in community strategic planning, community engagement and regional cultural development.

Councils will also have the chance to promote their community, creative and cultural projects and planning.

“We envisage that this important Forum will strengthen working partnerships between Arts North West and local councils by encouraging collaboration on our shared community responsibilities,” Ms Kreis said.

The Forum will follow Arts North West’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Roxy Theatre at 10am.