Aussie Chuck shows how to enjoy a beer with mates

March 17, 2008

At the Ales and Fish Tales dinner on Saturday night, master brewer, Dr. Chuck Hahn, seemed a little more relaxed than last time he spoke in Bingara, at the launch of Bingara and District Vision 20/20 in February 2006.

Dr. Hahn joked with his audience and appeared very relaxed as he described the qualities of the selected beers and ales.

Then, in his American drawl, Chuck announced that since his last visit to Bingara two years ago, he had become an Australian citizen.

Chuck explained that his wife is an Australian, and his children have dual citizenship, so it seemed the logical thing to do.

About 80 people attended the Ales and Fish Tales dinner, where they enjoyed a range of foods ranging from oysters to mudcake, chosen to go with the beer and ale they were tasting. "I never knew drinking beer was so complicated," a sydney visitor remarked after the evening." As well as showing the audience how to enjoy a beer, Chuck demonstrated how to pour beer into a glass properly.

Compliments of The Bingara Advocate