Australia Day 2017 Theme: Australia Day – Everyone, Everywhere

December 12, 2016

Have you nominated a fellow Bingara community member for Local Citizen of the Year yet? Time is running out to do so……Wednesday 14th December is the deadline for nominations.

The awards aim to recognise outstanding achievement during the past year and/or contribution to the local community over a number of years. A new category was added to the nomination form this year Sporting Person, however the Bingara Special Events Committee has decided to cancel this category out of courtesy to the Bingara Sports Award committee and their efforts to re-establish the Bingara Sports Awards.

Australia Day 2017 theme encourages people to mark Australia Day in a way that reflects their connection with Australia, whether that be as an Indigenous Australian, as a newly immigrated Australian or as an Australian born citizen.

No matter where people live or how they choose to celebrate our national day it is a celebration for everyone. There are thousands of ways to mark Australia Day in your own way – by attending the fantastic events around the Harbour and across our cities and towns, in your own back yard, or online.

Australia Day is an opportunity to come together to celebrate and showcase the unique and diverse culture that makes us Australian. From the country to the city, Australia Day is an opportunity to reflect on our people, culture, climate and landscape and to celebrate who we are as Australians.

Australia Day means different things to different people – and that’s part of the rich fabric of the day.

Australia Day nomination forms are available from Gwydir Shire Council Office, Bingara or the Bingara Visitor Information Centre.

Categories include:

• Citizen of the Year: open to persons 26 years or older on 26th January 2017.

• Young Citizen of the Year: open to persons under 26 years of age on 26th January 2017.

• Community Event of the Year: open to the person or group who has staged the most outstanding community event during the past year. This may include a sporting, cultural or fund-raising event. Criteria and Eligibility

• Nominees must be Australian citizens and reside in Gwydir Shire Council at the time of nomination.

• Unsuccessful nominees may be renominated in subsequent years. • Self-nominations will not be accepted. • Awards will not be granted posthumously.

• The minimum age for the NSW Local Citizen of the Year Awards is 16 years on 26th January 2017.

• Sitting state and federal politicians and current vice-regal officers are not eligible for nomination. Retired politicians and officers will only be considered for work beyond their official duties.

• A person cannot receive a second award in the same award category, but can be considered for recognition in a separate category in following years e.g. Young Citizen of the Year and then Citizen of the Year.

• All nominees will be considered for the Citizen of the Year Award in their original nomination category.

• Nominees aged 16 to 25 years on 26th January 2017 will also be considered for the Young Citizen of the Year Award in addition to their original nomination category. Nomination Process

• To nominate, please complete a nomination form. The nomination should detail the nature, duration and impact of the nominee’s contribution to Bingara and district, Gwydir shire.

• Nomination forms are available from Gwydir Shire Council Office, Bingara or the Bingara Visitor Information Centre.

• Any supporting documentation should be attached to the nomination form. • Nominations must be submitted to Gwydir Shire Council, Locked Bag 5, Bingara NSW 2404 or email to

• Nominations must be received by close of business (4.00pm) Wednesday 14th December 2016.

• The awards will be presented on Australia Day, Thursday 26th January 2017.

• The selection of recipients will reflect the nominations received and information available to the Judging Panel at the time. Gwydir Shire Council – Bingara Special Events Committee reserves the right to withdraw an award if further information or the recipient’s conduct could bring the NSW Local Citizen of the Year Awards into disrepute.