July 26, 2011

The biggest question facing the commercial cattle producer is, “How do we maximise our cow herd while keeping input costs down?”

Russ and Chris Smyth, Balgree Santas, believe crossbreeding gives more flexibility and the chance to do just that.

Santa Gertrudis crossed with Hereford and Angus breeders give producers so many more opportunities in marketing.

Santa/Hereford steers are extremely popular with weaner producers through to heavy weight steers.  The Santa cross heifer makes a beautiful breeder to go on with in any operation.

Santa/Angus cross steers give added weight gain and mostly hold their black colour.  Feedlotters and store buyers love them.  Santa/Angus cross cows make beautiful, slick coated mothers.

Balgree Santa bulls are selected from 800 cows with a firm focus on commercial reality.

The Balgree Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale is on-property at “Nooroo”, Bingara on Wednesday, 17 August starting at 12 noon.  Prior inspection is always welcome.  Please contact Russ and Chris Smyth for a catalogue and if you have any enquiries phone them on (02) 6729 4199.

For more information visit the Balgree Santas Website.