Balista Lures ‘lighting up’ the Gwydir

January 2, 2015

New lures demand attention; anglers and fish alike react to advances in technology so it’s no surprise that Balista’s new LED technology has been making a stir with native fish this season.

These lures have been a hit in the Gwydir river this season with captures of multiple size Murray Cod and Golden Perch consistently caught throughout a session.

The technique of choice has been casting hard bodies around timber, using buoyant divers is a great way to work through structure whilst minimizing snagging.

Balista lureThe Dyno 60 does just that and with a diving depth of 3 metres making it ideal for fishing the Gwydir.

Surface fishing is always a blast as well, especially when you can see Murray Cod attacking the LED in the tail off the surface.

The way the technology works is that each lure in the Balista range features a flashing red LED light in the tail of the lure, the LED is water activated so you just cast the lure into the water and the LED light starts flashing, and upon pulling the lure out the LED will turn off automatically.

The batteries are not replaceable though you can expect more than 120 hours of battery life which is a great deal of time in the water.

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