Be a Bosom Buddy

August 20, 2009

This Friday at the Imperial Hotel Bingara commencing 10am will be a meeting to discuss the formation of a community based and Shire supported Committee.
Gwydir Shire Council is calling for community members who would like to join the Bosom Buddies Committee.

This Committee will have a Shirewide focus and its initial objective will be to support and financially assist sufferers of Breast Cancer.  Gwydir Shire Council’s Public Officer, Carmen Southwell stated, ‘Council has been approached by a number of community members to help form a Committee to raise funds to actively support women suffering breast cancer.

“Council is mindful that a number of Committees, such as the Cancer Council Support Group and the Warialda Community Aid already exist and we do not want to encroach on the fantastic work they are doing.  Council does not want to reinvent the wheel’.

All are welcome to attend meetings.  For further enquiries please contact Nancy MacInnes (02) 6724 1188 (BH), Catherine Egan (02) 6724 570 (AH) or Carmen Southwell 0428 241 542.