Beard on the market

April 4, 2009

It all has to go, Darren (Spaz) Willis says about his beard, his hair, even his eyebrows.

How much goes depends on how much money the community chips in to raise money for Leukaemia Foundation’s "Worlds Greatest Shave".

Spaz is one of about a dozen Bingara people have put their hand up to shave or colour their hair for the fund-raising event.

 He has arranged for sponsorship buckets in shops where people can leave their change.

The "Be brave and shave" event is being coordinated by Bingara Community Health Nurses, Tiffany Galvin and Sharon Price.

The event will take place before the first Bullets home game on Saturday, April 4. To obtain a sponsorship form, contact Tiffany or Sharon on 6728 0130. More brave people who have lined up to lose their locks are:

Photo 1: Geoff Pankhurst is offering a high forehead discount, and if enough money is raised, is considering having his back waxed. Geoff did express some reluctance to let his wife, Angela, do the waxing. "She’ll go … (indicated pulling the wax strip off slowly) and that would hurt heaps," he said.

Photo 2: As co-coach of the Bingara Bullets, Damien Galvin is urging players to join him in having their heads shaved.When asked about eyebrows, Damien said they were not negotiable. "You’ve got to draw the line somewhere," Damien said.

Photo 3: Jayne Roberts is braving the clippers to lose her locks.  Jayne explained that the clippers will cut her hair very short, but she won’t be choosing the option of having a smooth, egg head achieved with a razor.