Beatlemania hits Bingara

June 25, 2014

Bingara Central School students played to packed houses on Thursday afternoon, Friday night and Sunday afternoon, as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles tour of Australia with their own production of “It’s a Hard Day’s Night” at the Roxy.

On Thursday, the school played to an audience of surrounding schools.  “The full house were very appreciative and amazed by a production that involved our whole school and community is such a spectacular way,” Central School principal, Mark Vale said.

Hard Days Night!
All students, from Kindergarten to Year 12 were involved in the production of “It’s a Hard Day’s Night” at the Roxy last week.

The production grew from an idea by teacher, Lindy Mill, who thought that a production of Beatles music would be enjoyed by those who remembered them 50 years ago, but also the young people of today.

Lindy was spot-on with her prediction, with all the performances thoroughly enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Mr. Vale said the production had been put together without a recognised director or producer.

“This is a great credit to all the teaching staff and support staff, who have picked up the baton and pitched in, to do what has been required.

Twelve year old student, Joe Lanagan was joined on stage by his dad Jamie, Jon Alliston, Scot Crispin, Steve McGarrity, Wayne Galvin, Robyn Conway and Brent Weightman to form the rock band, while students from the Bingara and Wariada communities, under the direction of Mrs. Conway, completed the music.

As well as singing, primary ballet dancers and secondary dancers also performed, while the agricultural students, ‘The Aggers’ provided comic relief.

Several people commented on the success of the school bringing children from Kindergarten to Year 12 together to stage the performance.