Beware of energy efficiency device claims

September 12, 2010

Country Energy is warning residents throughout the New England North West to check the credentials of people selling energy efficiency devices either over the telephone or in person.

Regional general manager Northern, Matt Patterson, said Country Energy had received calls from concerned customers who had been approached to purchase a device that could supposedly save up to 40 per cent on their electricity bill.

“Our customers have told us that telephone callers targeting pensioners and the elderly are selling a plug-in household device for $150.00, with claims it will save them money,” Matt said.

“Country Energy is certainly not aware of such a product and we strongly encourage our customers to know all the facts before making a final decision on purchasing any device – research the appliance and the company selling it before handing over your cash or personal details.”

Country Energy offers customers free energy efficiency advice through its dedicated efficiency advice line 1800 ENERGY or 1800 363 749, and can assist those experiencing financial hardship through payment advice and customer support – including Country Support, an industry leading hardship program.

“Our energyanswers team can help customers become more aware about their energy usage and understand how to reduce consumption, and so keep their bills as low as possible,” Matt said.

If approached to purchase devices claiming to save on electricity costs, Country Energy advises customers to

• ask for identification;
• if over the phone, ask about the company and its background and ask for a phone number that you can call back;
• if a salesperson visits your home ask to see identification – energy industry representatives, including Country Energy employees, should carry identification at all times;
• make sure you are fully informed of any offer before making a decision;
• don’t feel pressured to provide your personal details or sign a contract.