Big fish joins Bingara Hatchery breeding program

February 24, 2010

The Callaway family had a ‘big day’ recently when Andy and Matthew (pictured below) landed a big cod, and became the first donors of a new ‘cod family’ at the hatchery.  The cod weighed 14kg and measured one metre in length.

The excited fishermen took the fish to Anglers Club President Steve Apthorpe. After testing, which ascertained the fish to be female, the fish became the first of a new batch of cod to be used in the hatchery’s breeding program.

By coincidence, hatchery volunteers removed the six fish which had been used in the program, and returned them to the river, and drained the dam, and were about to begin their search for three male and three female fish to replace them.

Mr. Apthorpe said the Hatchery was very appreciative of the donation, and is looking for another two female and three male fish to take part in the program. Ideally, the fish should be “between 15 and 20 pounds”.

Hopefully the Callaways’ big girl proves to be a mother of many fingerlings to release into the Gwydir.