Planning begins for bike adventure for a good cause

April 13, 2017

A group of Bingara people and others with a connection with Bingara have begun raising money to take part in the Scrapheap Adventure later this year.  Debi Bancroft, John and Josh Bancroft-Arnott, and Les Stephens will be joined by up to nine others from Bingara to take part.  John is currently bike touring in Vietnam, but will be home in time to take part.

Mark Harrison, sponsor and rider, had loaned his 1970s Yamaha 100cc bike to be the mascot on the ride.

Debi’s scrapper is a 1981 Kawasaki 100cc Ag bike which had a practise run last weekend.

Debi Bancroft’s ‘scrapper’ bike, with the adventure mascot, a 1981 Yamaha 100cc bike.

The Scrapheap Adventure ride is a fundraising event which involves motorcycle riders from all over the country.  The bikes must be purchased for no more than $1,000 and be able to make it through the adventure ride through the Australian bush, at the same time raising money and awareness for people with down Syndrome.  All bikes must, of course be registered.

People who can’t find a suitable Scrapper to ride, are welcome to ride their everyday bike and still participate in the event.

Support vehicles for the Scrapheap riders are also welcome and carry fuel, water, food, and any Scrappers that don’t make the distance.

In six years, this event has raising nearly $500,000 for Down Syndrome NSW. This year, Bingara has its own team to join all the other teams riding.

Riders begin their journey from their home, but arrive at the same destination.

This year, that destination is Green Valley Farm, Tingha, where all ‘Scrappers’ plus their family and friends will meet for a fun weekend on September 29 to October 1.

Bingara Scrapheap Adventure riders will be riding to Tingha via Queensland with a route to be determined soon. The date for leaving will also be confirmed after a team meeting.

“Currently we definitely have seven riders, and quite a few other interested,” Debi said.  “We would love to hear from you if you are interested in riding, coming along, etc.”

They are planning some local fundraising events, for example a weekend at ‘Bike Territory, on Killarney Gap Road.