Bingara Anglers Club News

June 29, 2010

The Bingara Anglers Club picked up their boat for their Easter raffle last week, in order to start selling tickets early.  This has enabled them to purchase a bigger motor for the boat, 15hp, and also a fishing kayak as the second prize.

The boat is a 3.45m Horizon which is about 12 feet long in the old scale.  The motor is a 15hp Mercury.  It is mounted on a registered trailer.  Look out for tickets which should hit the streets "real soon".

Stuart Lanagan reports that although the fish have been a bit quiet of late Blue McManus landed an 18 pounder recently, caught on a chicken chipee.

The spot where it was caught is a closely guarded secret but apparently when it was gutted it contained 30 golf balls and a half putter!