Bingara Anglican Flower and Wool Show

May 19, 2010

The Wiseman-Crowley Hall came alive with flowers, art and various displays at the annual flower festival on Saturday, May 1. 

Among the many floral displays there were many entrants to the art, photographic, craft, baking and pet shows.  School students displayed a wonderful section of Mother’s Day cards. 

Members of Rocky Creek church held a successful street stall during the morning along with the treasure and trash stall held at the hall.  Other stalls were sweets, cakes, produce, sewing and novelty, all adding to raise the total of over $3000. 

Members of the other churches in Bingara joined with members of the Anglican church in making this year’s event such a success.  As always, food played a great part with roast lunch being made and served my members of the women’s fellowship and friends.

The highlight was a fashion parade of the latest winter wear by Boutique Capri of Bingara.

Ms Susan Mack, Health Services Manager, spoke highly of the many displays and of the hard work that had been done as well as the happy atmosphere of the occasion before officially opening the show and presenting the various prizes.

Grand Champion Exhibitor of Flower Show ‘The Alice Bullough Trophy’: Olive Mansfield, Gerbera
Champion Rose: Mary Rixon
Champion Dahlia: Aline Pleffer, One Cut Dahlia
Champion from Miscellaneous Bloom: Audrey Carey

Specimen Rose – Dorrie Crowley
Three Roses, one colour – Mary Rixon
Three Roses, different colours – Dorrie Crowley
Roses in 3 stages, bud to full bloom – Gordon Fletcher
Full Bloom Rose – Jean Robinson
One Rose Bud – Wendy Reading
One cut Floribunda Rose – Jean Robinson
Container of Roses, mixed – Dorothy Batchelor
Miniature Rose 1st and Highly Commended – Jean Robinson
Container of Mixed Miniature Roses – Jean Robinson

One Medium Cut Cactus – Aline Pleffer
One Cut Dahlia – Aline Pleffer
One Pompone – Aline Pleffer

One Cut Anemone or Cushion Chrysanthemum – Shirley Witts
One Cut Button Chrysanthemum – Jean Robinson
One Cut Quilled Chrysanthemum or Spider Chrysanthemum –
One Cut Single Chrysanthemum – Fay Macartney
Three Cut Chrysanthemums – Fay Macartney
Container of Chrysanthemums, any variety – Marjorie Lewis
One Carnation – Shirley Witts
Container of Carnations – Olive Mansfield
One Cut Geranium – Wendy Reading
Three Cuts of Geranium, any colour – Marjorie Lewis
One Gerbera – 1st – Olive Mansfield
 Highly Commended – Mona Rogers
Container of Marigolds – Marjorie Lewis
One Zinnia – Audrey Carey
Container of Zinnias – Audrey Carey
Container of Petunias – Judy Hall
Container of Flowers – Marjorie Lewis
One cut of Flowering Shrub – Nan McDouall
One cut of Flower – Gordon Fletcher
Collection of Flowers – Audrey Carey
Pot Plant, Fern – Wendy Reading
Pot Plant, Coloured foliage – Meryl Neal
Flowering Creeper – Marjorie Lewis
Section B – Decorative – Open
Champion: Bunny Smith for Simplicity
Solitary Splendour – Bunny Smith
Dainty Arrangement, suitable for bedside table – Wendy Reading
Arrangement of Autumn-toned Flower and Autumn foliage – Bunny Smith
Arrangement, basket of flowers, presentation – Nan McDouall
Informal arrangement of kitchen table – Christine McIntyre
Green Arrangement – Audrey Carey
Simplicity – Bunny Smith
Pink and Silver Arrangement – Audrey Carey
Miniature Arrangement – Bunny Smith
Nostalgia Arrangement, free expression – Mary Rixon
Bold and Beautiful, free expression – Audrey Carey
Arrangement of Artificial Flowers and Foliage – Audrey Carey

Section C – Senior Cooking
First and Champion – Olive Mansfield, Sultana Cake
Plain cornflour sponge, uniced, jam filled – Judith Hall, first
Plain sponge sandwich, uniced, jam filler – Tanya Heaton, first
Sultana cake – Olive Mansfield, first
Date loaf – Dorothy Turnham, first
Plate of six biscuits, one variety only, plain – Elaine Geddes, first
Plate of six biscuits, one variety only, creme –
Chocolate cake, iced – Elaine Geddes
Plate of pikelets – Tanya Heaton, first
Banana cake, iced – Olive Mansfield, first
Plate of plain scones – Judith Hall

Section D – Art
Champion – Joan Bull, Mother’s Day
“Mother’s Day” any medium – Joan Bull
Any subject, any medium – Joan Bull
Flowers or still life – Tim Cox
Local scene – Owen Bilsborough
Rural scene – Owen Bilsborough

Section E – Photography
Champion Photo, Scene – Walcha – Shirley Witts
Scene: First – Shirley Witts; Highly Commended – Tim Cox
Portrait: First – Clarissa Barwick; Highly Commended – Anna Capel and Clarissa Barwick
Animal: First – Clarissa Barwick; Highly Commended – Emma Preston and Anna Capel
Flowers: First – Clarissa Barwick; Highly Commended – Emma Preston and Shirley Witts
Building: First – Anna Capel; Highly Commended – Emma Preston and Shirley Witts
People’s Choice – Building, “An Artist’s Studio, Walcha” – Anna Capel

Section F- Senior Handicraft
Championship Trophy “Dawn and Ron Choice Memorial” – Meryl Neal
A Patchwork Quilt – Meryl Neal
Knitted or Crocheted Garment – Marie Lanagan
A Tapestry Article, wool or cotton – Madge Coulton
Best Dressed Doll with home-made clothes – Nan McDouall
Crocheted or Knitted Rug – Nancy Dufty
Item not mentioned – Shirley Witts
Hand Embroidered Article, (wool, silk, ribbon or cotton) – Madge Coulton

Section J(b) – Junior Art
Champion – Alex Lewis, Sarah Kakoschke, Chelsea Elton
Any Subject, any medium – Kindergarten – first, Chloe Crosland; second, Holly Mepham; Highly Commended: Cilla Monie, Taylor Lewis, Cirry Lumby-Wilson, Phoebe Stephenson.
Any Subject, any medium – Year 2 – first, Alex Lewis, Sarah Kakcoschke, Chelsea Elton; second, Erica Dixon; Highly Commended: Jack Todd
Any Subject, any medium – Year 3 – first, Hannah Blakey; second, Lachlan; Highly Commended: Will Carr and Maddie Isakov
Any Subject, any medium – Year 4 – first, Colless Coombs; second, James Skinner
Any Subject, any medium – Year 5 – first, Eliza Skinner; second, Jessie Laird; Highly Commended: Olivia Mack and Daniel Reading
Any Subject, any medium – Year 6 – first, Crystal Cooper; second, Charlotte O’Dell.
Any Subject, any medium – Year 7 & 8 – first, Zac Efron; second, Dakota McCosker

Section J(c) – Junior Cooking Under 17 years
Six Cup Cakes, iced – first, Crystal Cooper
Plate of six scone – first, Crystal Cooper
Best Packet Cake – first, Crystal Cooper

Section J(d) – Junior Floral Art
Champion: Crystal Cooper, Decorated Saucer
Under 12 years – fairy garden on a tray – Crystal Cooper
Under 12 years – Decorated Saucer – Crystal Cooper
Under 14 years – Arrangement of Flowers – Crystal Cooper
Open, Novelty made from Vegetable/flowers – Crystal Cooper
Open, Arrangement of Flowers – Crystal Cooper

Section J(e) – Junior Handicraft
Champion: Crystal Cooper
Handicraft Article, small, open – Crystal Cooper
Best Bead Necklace – Crystal Cooper
Best Item of Handmade Jewellery – Crystal Cooper
Best Handmade Card for Mother’s Day (Years K-2) Sarah Dennis
Best Handmade Card for Mother’s Day (Years 3-6) Crystal Cooper
Best Handmade Card for Mother’s Day (Years 7-11)
Highly Commended: Cilla Monie, Alex, Joe Lanagan, Eric Dixon, Rhyce Sydenham, Brice Bell, Chloe Butler, Victoria Abra, Eric Quarello, Hannah Blakey.

Doll Competition
Best Doll, old fashioned dressed – Crystal Cooper
Best Dressed Barbie Doll – Crystal Cooper
Best Dressed Doll – Crystal Cooper
Best Baby Doll – Crystal Cooper

Bear Competition
Smallest Bear – Crystal Cooper
Largest Bear – Crystal Cooper
Cutest Bear – Marie Lanagan
Best Dressed Bear – Marie Lanagan

Best Dressed Pet – Tara Butler and Crystal Cooper
Pet with the most colours – Jade Whitehead
Pet that looks like its owner – Tara Butler
Pet with the curliest fluffy coat: Crystal Cooper
Most well trained pet: Dylan Butler

Art Judge’s Comments
Primary Art – All pictures reflected strong and imaginative use of colour and clear shapes
Year 2 – strong shapes, nice, happy pictures
Year 3 and 4 – clear figures, strong colour
Champion Junior Art Work was produced by three year 2 students – Alex Lewis, Sarah Kakoschke and Chelsea Elton, a most appealing picture of a very loveable dog.
Secondary Art
Year 7 – we enjoyed the outstanding portraiture and were impressed with the use of light and shade.

Open Art
Champion Art Work by Joan Bull entitled “Mothers’ Day” demonstrated balance, soft, subtle colour and realistic reflections – just beautiful.