Bingara boy wins region prize in Helmet Design Competition

August 21, 2009

Nine year old Lachlan Butler of Bingara Central School has taken out first place for the New England North West region in the Ride2School and ABC Local Radio state wide Helmet Design Competition.

Over 4200 NSW school students delved into their creative sides to create bright, eye catching, Helmet designs for the competition, aimed at addressing the issues of young riders not wearing their helmets while riding to and from school and within the wider community.

Determining the winner was a long and difficult process as there were many quality designs that fit the specific criteria. 

Lachlan’s design was brightly coloured, stood out from the crowd and had a unisex appeal.

The overall winner of the competition will have their artwork made into a new helmet that will be distributed statewide through the Bicycle NSW Ride2School program.

“It’s been great to see so many kids actively participate in this initiative. Hopefully we will see an increased number of helmets being worn if kids know that their input is valued and that the design has come from a fellow student,” says James Adams, Program Manager of the state wide program. “Combatting the idea that Helmets are “uncool” has been one of the major focuses for the Helmet Design campaign”.

Bicycle NSW Ride2School Team and an ABC Local Radio representative judged the compittion in July 2009. There will be a presentation at Bingara Central School and an interview with Lachlan on ABC local radio on Wednesday, August 26 at 12.45 pm.
Lachlan’s design as well the designs of the overall winner and other regional winners can found at

The design a helmet competition was part of the NSW Ride2School program. Ride2School is a state wide behaviour change program which aims to raise physical activity among students and their families.

Ride2School recently launched the NRMA 500km Gold Medal Challenge that aims to increase cycling among secondary school students in NSW.

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