‘Bingara boys’ calendar causes local controversy

August 13, 2007

The Bingara Show Society’s ‘Bingara boys’ calendar which was released during the Orange Festival was warmly received by most of the public, but not all…

Apparently a few noses have been put out of joint by those who felt they should have been part of the calendar and were not even asked.  Many said they too wanted to "do their bit", or more correctly, "show their bits" for the good of the Bingara Show. 

Nonetheless, the calendar has been selling extremely well and it has been said the the ‘Bingara boys’ calendar has stripped uncertainty away from the Show Society’s future.

All proceeds from the sale will help the show Society with ongoing ground maintenance, and, in the words of "Show Society President, Kelly Holland, "keep the tradition of the Bingara Show Society alive".

The calendars are available for purchase throughout stores in Bingara or by calling Kelly Holland on: 0428 726 366.  The cost is only $10.