June 23, 2020

Friday 3rd of July marks the 60th anniversary of the Bingara Orange Picking tradition.

Planted as a living memorial for the town’s fallen soldiers, the annual Orange Picking has become a proud community tradition which has continued throughout the generations.

While the COVID-19 situation has sadly seen the cancellation of the Orange Festival, the picking will continue with some changes to ensure the safety of all participants.

Bingara community and visitors are invited to attend the 60th Annual Bingara Orange Picking on Friday 3rd July from 11.00am in front of the Bingara RSL Club in Finch St.

Participants will be required to maintain a personal space of 4 metres square, and trees will be designated on the day to ensure social distancing is maintained. As an added precaution attendees are encouraged to download the COVID Safe App.

If you wish to sample some of the Oranges but would prefer to avoid large groups, there will be plenty of oranges still on the trees following the official picking. But remember – please pick in moderation to allow everyone to sample the sweet and juicy Bingara oranges.