Bingara Central School Award winners 2008

December 22, 2008

As with everything in life, it’s not always about being the best, it’s about doing your best.  Congratulations to everyone who received an award at Bingara Central School’s annual presentation last Monday evening.

Here are the award recipients:

ADF Leadership:
Kelly Welsh,
William Johnstone.

Primary Citizenship:
Brielle Mack

First in Year 10 and Dux of School:
Kristen Heal

Dux of Primary:
Maddison Eastcott-Layton

Dux of Primary, Maddison Eastcott-Layton, and First in Year 10 and Dux of School,
Kristen Heal, with relieving principal Bob Johnston.

Gwydir Shire Mayoral Achievement Awards
Secondary: Ally Holland-Wright
Primary: Rachael Heaton

Public Speaking
Primary: Kelsey Cooper

Encouragement: Rebekah cox-McGowan

Junior Secondary: Courtney Lumby-Wilson

Senior Secondary: Kristen Heal

School Band Awards
Ivan Laing Award for Outstanding Achievement in Band: Maddison Eastcott-Layton

State Band
Achievement in Band:
Ally Dixon

Achievement in Band:
Tori Dixon

Bingara Central School Band Encouragement Awards:
Emily Price, Rhianne Conway, Rebekah Cox-McGowan, Katie Cannington, Anna Southwell.

Reuben F Scarf Award:
Jade Dixon

All Rounder Award:
Mitchell Anderson.

Year 3
Academic Excellence:
Olivia Mack

Achievement in Mathematics:
Lachlan Butler

Achievement in English:
Jake Bilsborough

Most Improved:
Toby Laird.

Achievement in Creative & Practical Arts: Sam Broidy.

Achievement in Science & Technology: Tom Southwell.

Achievement in HSIE: Joanne McGowan.

Achievement in PDHPE: Sam Cannington.

Encouragement Award: Eliza Jane Skinner.

Citizenship: Jessica Laird.

Year 4
Academic Excellence:
Madeline Coombes.

Achievement in Mathematics:
Shanae Conway

Achievement in English:
Charlotte Odell and
Georgie McCosker.

Most Improved:
Jorjah Coss.

Achievement in Creative and Practical Arts: Ethan Quarello.

Achievement in Science & Technology: Hamish Knight.

Achievement in HSIE: Brady Cooper.

Achievement in PDHPE: Jack Wilkinson.

Encouragement Award: Harry McDouall.

Citizenship: Crystal Cooper.

Year 5
Academic Excellence:
Katie Cannington.

Achievement in Mathematics:
Michael Bagnall.

Achievement in English:
Rebekah Cox-McGowan.

Most Improved:
Dakota McCosker.

Achievement in Creative and Practical Arts: Victoria Allen

Achievement in Science & Technology: Maryellen Honeysett.

Achievement in HSIE: Lucy Withers.

Achievement in PDHPE: Charlie McGowan.

Achievement in LOTE: Grace Smyth.

Encouragement Award: Edward Abra

Citizenship: Maryellen Honeysett.

Year 6
Achievement in Mathematics:
Kurtis Brennan.

Achievement in English:
Ellen O’Rourke.

Most Improved:
Brielle Mack.

Achievement in Creative and Practical Arts: Adrian Welsh.

Achievement in Science & Technology: Gabby Rampling.

Achievement in HSIE: Lawson Muir.

Achievement in PDHPE: Andrew Weber.

Achievement in LOTE: Rachael Heaton.

Encouragement Award: Stephanie Rogers.

Year 7
First in Year 7:
Emily Price.

Rhianne Conway.

Montana McCosker: 1st English, 1st Geography, Merit in Art.

Emily Price: 1st Mathematics, 1st Science, 1st History, 1st Lote, 1st Art, Merit in Geography, Music and PDHPE.

Ally Dixon: Merit in Music and PDHPE.

Ethan Brown: Merit in Design and Technology, Science, English.

Rhianne Conway: Merit in Mathematics, Science, Geography, LOTE, Music, Art, PDHPE.

Ashley Rafter: Merit in Mathematics, History, PDHPE.

Courtney Lumby-Wilson: Merit in LOTE.

Caine Millard: Merit in PDHPE, and Dust Jacket Literacy Encouragement Award.

Year 8
First in Year 8:
Tori Dixon.

Nicole Coombes.

Tori Dixon: 1st Mathematics, 1st Science, 1st History, 1st Music,1st LOTE, 1st PDHPE, Merit in English, Geography.

Nicole Coombes: Merit in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Design & Technology, Art.

Lachlan Kenafake: Merit in History, Science.

Jesse Rogers: Merit in Geography.

Blake Fletcher: 1st PDHPE.

Daniel Rafter: 1st Design & Technology.

Ben Wilkinson: Joblink Encouragement Award.

Year 9
First in Year 9:
Gabriel Brennan.

Meg Rampling.

Gabriel Brennan: 1st English, 1st Mathematics, 1st Science, 1st History, 1st PDHPE, 1st Geography, 1st Art, 1st Food Technology, 1st Textiles & Design.

Meg Rampling: Merit in English, Science, History, Food Technology, Geography.

Tomas O’Rourke: Merit in Mathematics, Geography.

Shalamay Saunders: Merit in PDHPE.

Danika Fields: Merit in PDHPE, Art.

Year 11
First in Year 11:
Kelly Welsh.

Kelly Welsh: 1st English, 1st Science, 1st Ancient History. Merit in Retail Operations.

John Bancroft-Arnott: Merit in Science.

Josh Miller: Merit in Ancient History.

Jane O’Brien: 1st Hospitality.

Alan Callaway: Merit in Hospitality.

Matthew O’Rourke: Merit in Business Services.

Elosie Brown: Merit in Business Services.

Year 10
Jade Dixon.

Kristen Heal: 1st English, 1st Mathematics, 1st Science, 1st History, 1st Geography, 1st Retail Operations.

Jade Dixon: 1st Commerce.

Mitchell Anderson: Metal Technology, 1st Agriculture.

Alexandra Holland-Wright: 1st Elective History, 1st PDHPE.

Jade Dixon: Merits in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Retail Operations.

William Johnstone: Merits in Agriculture, English, History, Metal Technology.

Mitchell Anderson: Merits in Mathematics, Geography.

Michael Andrews: Merits in Agriculture, Mathematics, History, Metal Technology.

Kristen Rogers: Merit in Mathematics.

Alexandra Holland Wright: Merits in Science, Geography.

Nicholas Oliveri: Merits in Commerce, Elective History.

Joshua Bancroft-Arnott: Merit in Elective History.

Primary Sport Awards
Junior Netball:
Madeline Coombes.

Senior Netball:
Ellen O’Rourke.

Junior Soccer:
Brady Cooper.

Senior Soccer:
Liam Pollard.

Junior Rugby League:
Jake Rafter.

Senior Rugby League:
Harry Abra.

Junior Cricket:
Harry McDouall.

Senior Cricket:
Lawson Muir.

Primary Sportsperson of the Year:
Harry Abra.

House Trophy Presentation
Swimming: Fraser.

Marching: Fraser.

Athletics: Fraser.

Champion House: Fraser.

Secondary Sport Awards
Junior Netball:
Ally Dixon.

Senior Netball:
Danika Fields.

Junior Rugby League:
Daniel Rafter.

Senior Rugby League:
Matthew O’Rourke.

Secondary Sportsperson of the year:
Tori Dixon.