Bingara Central School News: December 11, 2009 (Week 8, Term 4)

December 15, 2009

Congratulations to all the class award and certificate recipients at Thursday Infants Presentation afternoon. Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 have all had a wonderful year due to the hard work and dedication of their teachers Mr Fuller (Kindergarten), Mrs Cox-McGowan (Year 1) and Mr Alliston (Year 2). All the children have made excellent progress and achieved so much in both their academic achievement and their social development.

It has been great to see how their confidence has grown throughout the year and this was evident when all the students performed so well in the Christmas pageant at the conclusion of the afternoon. There were many proud parents, carers, grandparents and other family members present to enjoy the singing, dancing and acting.

Congratulations again to all the infants children and thank you to all their families for their continued support this year.

Congratulations to the class of 2009 Year 10 students who have met all the requirements  to be awarded  the School Certificate. Gabbie Brennan, Danika Fields, Chris Lumby-Wilson, Michael O’Brien, Sam Peterson, Blair Reading and Ben Russell have all achieved this milestone, which is an important one. The School Certificate is a credential that entitles students to continue into Year 11 and to study towards the Higher School Certificate. It is also important for students seeking employment or further training at TAFE as it confirms they have met a standard of academic achievement as well as meeting other requirements such as attendance and compulsory assessment tasks.

Congratulations again to our Year 10 students. We look forward to seeing those who are returning here in 2010 and wish those who are going on to employment success in their chosen area.

Mark Vale