Bingara Central School News, February 12, 2009 (Week 3, Term 1)

February 17, 2009

The tragic events which unfolded in country Victoria last weekend have touched a chord with everyone. The Student Representative Council (SRC) resolved on last Monday morning to mount a fund raising effort which would give the school community the chance to support these devastated rural communities which must be much like Bingara.

The fund raising effort has had the following activities scheduled each day this week. Plain clothes with gold coin donation on Tuesday, BBQ at the swimming carnival on Wednesday, cake day and milk shakes on Thursday and hot dogs for lunch on Friday. School captains will take a donation bucket down Maitland Street on Thursday and the school canteen has donated the proceeds of slush puppy sales this week. I can report, at the time of writing, that the fundraising has been excellent with support across the school. I congratulate the SRC on their effort and initiative and look forward to reporting the final amount raised next week. I would like to thank the parents, community and businesses that have assisted the students in their effort. 

Bingara Central School held another very successful swimming carnival at the town pool on Wednesday of this week. The weather was ideal, the pool and surrounds in excellent order and the students were active participants all day. It was great to see parents, grandparents and other community members there at the carnival enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

The infant students joined in after lunch and made a big splash in the little pool. Congratulations to all our age champions and I encourage our best swimmers to take the opportunity to  compete at the next level of competition at the zone carnival.

Thank you to the teachers and staff who organised and recorded all day and the students had better watch out next year because the teachers relay team is planning on going one better!

To see Mr Crispin’s great photographs which captured the spirit of the day, click on any of the web gallery links below:

P&C MEETING 5:30pm
I would like to remind families and community that the meeting time for the P&C has been changed to every third Monday of the month at 5:30 pm in the hope that  parents and supporters of our school will find this a more convenient time and be able to attend. The main topic for discussion this week is uniform. Please take the opportunity to come and present your opinion as part of a wide and consultative process that will lead to clearer guidelines for the school uniform. I look forward to meeting many more folk next Monday afternoon.

Thanks again to Georgina Sinclair for setting up our own school web site at this more easily accessible address.  I encourage everybody to visit regularly as we are constantly adding to the site.


Mark Vale