Bingara Central School News, February 26, (Week 5, Term 1)

March 2, 2009

Many students enjoyed a wonderful performance of puppetry by visiting puppeteer Richard Hart on Wednesday morning. Richards clever use of sets, lighting and colour created a three dimensional suburban world in which the “Dreamers Family” investigate simple ways to make their house more energy and water efficient.

Lachlan Starr, Jonathon O’Dell, Emily Fernandez, Ellie-May Coss,Daley Mills and Tayla Lee
on stage with Richard Hart

Year 2 students wrote recounts of the show.  Here are some examples of their work:

“Today the school went down to the hall and watched the puppet show. It was called Superbia and it was about a boy that invents things. It was good.”
Sophia Mack

“Today we went to watch a show called ‘Superbia’ and it was funny.”
Ethan McCosker 

“We watched a show called Superbia. It was about a boy called Dreamer. He liked to invent stuff. But his favourite was a duck because it could bring different parts of the world into the house. It was hilarious.”
Petah Butler 

“Today the school went to the hall to see a puppet show. It was called ‘Superbia’. It was about a family and their neighbours wanting to destroy their house and make it into a car park. Mrs Dreamer said NO!. Dreamer invented lots of things. There were lots of puppets. It was funny.”
Joseph Smyth 

Congratulations to the following students who will be representing Bingara and the Inverell Zone at the North West Swimming Trials in Armidale on the 10th March. Madeline Coombes,Tori Allen, Emma McDouall, Victoria Abra, Olivia Mack, Jo McGowan, Rebekah Cox-McGowan, Katie Cannington, Ryan Withers, Toby Laird, Sam Cannington, Charlie McGowan and Lachlan Butler.

Mark Vale