Bingara Central School News: July 22, 2010 (Week 1, Term 3)

July 22, 2010

Term III Begins with a Rush.
On their return to school this term students have found changes and exciting things to look forward to.

Like so many other schools, our school is beginning to look like a construction zone. Work is about to commence on making improvements to all primary classrooms. Already Year 3 have moved out to an alternative room to allow building to start. The builders have  undertaken to try to minimise disruption to classes and expect to have the work completed by the end of the school year.

We are all very excited at the prospect of these improvements and although it will be difficult to maintain normal classes through the construction we  understand that the end result will be well worth the pain.

Starting this term we have two student teachers undertaking practical studies as part of their first year of study toward Primary Teacher Education at the University of New England. Both are ‘locals’. Miss Dee Burns, a former student of St Mary’s and has family here in Bingara,  is working with Kathy Groth and Year 3. Mrs Gail Bebb lives on a property at Myall Creek and she is working with Jared Fuller, Bec Brien and Kindergarten. Both beginning teachers are off to a great start.

Next Friday 30th July will be the Orange Picking Ceremony when we recognise the  contribution of Bingara men and women who have served in conflict. The students will pick the oranges following the service at 11.30 a.m. This coincides with the town Orange  Festival on Saturday 31st.

This year we will have a float with an orange birthday party theme to recognise the 50th anniversary. The following week is Education Week. This week will feature a district awards ceremony on Thursday and a school assembly and Open Day on Friday 6th August.

Whilst all these events are important we need to remain focused on our core business which is teaching and learning. Teachers and students will be working hard in their classes to achieve this.

Mark Vale