Bingara Central School News, June 10, 2011 (Week 7, Term 2)

June 17, 2011

Visually impaired guitarist and motivational speaker Lorin Nicholson presented his inspirational concert to students this week in the school auditorium. Year 5, wrote a recount and here are some student quotes;

“It was fantastic”, “My advice is to check out his web site”,  “I think ‘See Sharp’ was an awesome experience”,  “ I loved hearing about Lorin  Nicholson’s life”,  “I absolutely loved his show”, “Lorin was a great performer to watch and listen to his stories and music”. 

This was clearly a great initiative by the P & C to direct part of the P & C levy in this way. Unfortunately, with the loss of the All Schools Carnival due to a lack of team nominations from other towns, the P & C has lost one of it’s major fundraising opportunities for this year.

Again, I encourage families to make the P & C contribution of $20 per student capped at $50 per family so that our students can continue to benefit in many different ways. 

The school, in conjunction with the Bingara Sub Branch of the RSL, and the Gwydir Shire Council will hold the annual Orange Picking Ceremony on Friday 24th June.

As is the tradition we will begin with a short ceremony and then students will enjoy the opportunity to harvest and take home oranges in Finch Street.

However, because of the quantities of fruit, a separate activity is planned to harvest the oranges at Gwydir Oval on Monday and Tuesday of that week. It is planned that these oranges and the excess from Finch Street will be retailed through the Bingara Fruit Shop and Fays so that more local families and visitors to Bingara can enjoy the local oranges.

Proceeds from the oranges will be returned to the school and distributed to two charities “Legacy” and “War Widows Guild” and to the school bus fundraising effort. 

Mark Vale